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​No fancy frilly designs.

Just soap made from the best food grade oils & butters at incredibly fair prices.

Highest Quality Soaps

Nothing but food grade oils and butters and all soaps have been cured for at least 8 weeks which improves the life of the soap.

No “Palm” oil will ever be used in our soaps due to the environmental damage of harvesting & processing it!


What our customers are saying

"Beth said"   

Btw, my daughter is a nurse at a hospital, and I ordered the soaps because, especially during these Covid times, her dad and I thought a sweet bit of self-care was in order. The friend I ordered for is a social worker, doing her best under challenging circumstances for her clients, many of whom are victims of violence. Time for a something nice for her as well. Mission accomplished. Thank you.

 Daily Soap User

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